Why Donate?

The Friends of the Riverside County Family Justice Center Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization, was established in 2005 under the leadership of former District Attorney, Grover Trask.

The purpose of the Foundation was to financially support the programs and services of The Riverside County Family Justice Centers. (FJC’s) Although the Foundation was initially formed through private grants, a consistent funding stream does not exist. The Foundation is governed by a Board which includes non-profit, law enforcement and community leaders.

FJC’s goal is to bring community partners and resources together for the safety and well-being of domestic violence victims, sexual assault survivors, elder abuse and child abuse victims.

Here are REAL stories of how the Foundation funds have helped REAL people:

Purchase of bus tickets for a mother and her children.

The victim had no funds to enable her to travel out of state to safely relocate with her family. Victim was also assisted with family law paperwork, allowing her to legally leave the state with her children. This was an example of collaboration with partner, Inland Counties Legal Services.


A young child was rendered disabled by his father pushing him down the stairs.

Upon release from the hospital, emergency FJC funds paid for airline baggage fees and shuttle to transport victim and his mother from Ronald McDonald House in Loma Linda to Ontario Airport. Child now safely resides with his mother out-of-state.


After a man cut up all of his wife and children’s clothing, FJC monies purchased basic clothing for them.


General examples of other uses for funds:

Paid for a temporary restraining order to be served by a process server. The abuser needed to be served on a weekend, when Riverside Sheriff’s Office, Court Services were not available.

There are numerous situations where hotel, gas and grocery cards are needed to help victims secure a temporary place to stay until more permanent relocation decisions have been made.

Home Depot cards have also been utilized to purchase new doors and security features for victims of domestic violence.

Costs for locksmith services for vehicles, when the abuser has an extra set of keys to victims automobile.

Services provided by District Attorney’s Victim Service Advocates and/or FJC partners:

  • Legal assistance in family law matters, including temporary restraining orders
  • Emergency needs, such as groceries, gas cards, and shelter options
  • Safety needs – such as Verizon HopeLine cell phone, personalized safety planning, relocation help, and various referrals to appropriate agencies
  • Information and support regarding victim rights in criminal cases
  • Assistance with application for CalVCP, a program designed to help with certain crime-related expenses
  • No cost, confidential counseling with a domestic violence counselor
  • Emotional support and 24-hour hospital advocacy for sexual assault survivors

Managed by the District Attorney’s Office, the DA personnel and cost of general operations are an expense in the overall budget. Uncovered expenses that are paid for directly from the Foundation are the urgent needs of family violence victims who are seeking safety and are not supportive of their abuser.